Vedrana Ilić is a personal stylist, interior decorator and image consultant. She graduated from Callegari – an Italian Institute of Fashion and Design.

She consults men and women on all aspects of their image, helping them enhance their positive attributes and to express their identities through style.

Vedrana is committed to providing her clients with the best possible experience. By listening to their needs and goals, she guides them to discover their own personal style ultimately making their lives (and getting dressed) much easier and more enjoyable!

She believes in the transformative power of expressing your most dazzling self! After working in finance for several years, Vedrana decided to use her exquisite talent for design to help others improve their lives through fashion. Her business experience combined with her personal creativity, passion, and flair enriches her natural ability for styling. She attributes her success to her keen eye for detail, innate sense of style, and strong understanding of fit and proportion.

In 2006 she launched her own clothing line named ‘Mu cephei’, specializing in custom made dresses and clothing for special events. She´s also a burgeoning fashion and lifestyle influencer. Her unique voice and ability to stand out in a cluttered digital space have resulted in partnerships with many brands.

She uses her online platforms to promote body positivity, authenticity, and self-acceptance as she continues to challenge the assumption that fashion is exclusive and inaccessible. Her goal is consistent – to ensure that her clients have a better understanding of how to look and feel great in clothes they wear!




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