Closet organizing


The first thing we can do is set an appointment for me to come to your home and begin the evaluation process. The first step involves a thorough examination of your closet  and drawers to gain a sense of your style .I will see if your style is sophisticated, trendy, tailored, sporty or possible wardrobe gaps(are there are a lot of jeans but no evening wear? Business suits but no lounge wear?) This initial evaluation help clearly define a client’s lifestyle and needs and provides a framework for what to keep and what to donate, sell or re-purpose.


The audit is the heart and soul of the process. All wardrobe items that were evaluated during Step One are removed and sorted into categories. The wardrobe items that have made it through the auditing process are re-organized and put back into the closet organized by type, color, and season, all on hangers .The visual effect is stunning,and  items, shoes, and accessories perfectly edited and organized and provide the ultimate help for getting dressed easily.


This is where the ˝smart shopping˝ really comes into play. Inventories have been taken, lists made, and now I am a ready to take you shopping to help you fill in some of  the gaps that were noted during the evaluation process. The benefit of a shopping with a list is that you’ll stay focused on those essentials missing from your closet,whether it’s a perfect white shirt or a pair of Louboutin heels! I can make this shopping experience fun, while providing guidance on how to maintain your new wardrobe with ease. This three-step process sets the foundation for a productive and organized lifestyle that will last you for years.




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