Fashion workshops

Throughout your life, how many times have you been frustrated by your look in the mirror? How many times have you felt unhappy because you do not have an innate feel for fashion and are not too skilful in putting together a good outfit? How many times have you decided to start on a diet and loose those few extra pounds that are blocking your fashion statement and free spirit? And just how many times have you wasted money on clothing that even until this day is still hanging in your closet untouched and never worn?

I know, the answer is too many times! However, you are not alone and the time has finally come for things to change!

Before we begin, I would like to ask you a few more simple questions.

Are you prepared for something different, something that will not hold you back, but rather give you strength to live life more fully, to feel a special kind of glow and beauty not depending on your age or weight?

Yes, I think you are prepared and this workshop is the right place for you!

We all urge to feel pretty inside and out, that is everyone’s desire and purpose. Unfortunately, oftentimes fashion is defined as something superficial and less important in life, but I without a doubt believe that if we dress well and are satisfied with our look, we reflect positive vibrations and simply feel better. The reasons why we want to work on our styling skills and look are insignificant as long as it makes us happy and feeling better.

This workshop is designed to help you develop new styling and clothing skills in order to improve your look and overall happiness. Using an individualised approach, focusing on your body type, we will teach you how to reliably and efficiently choose clothing that flatters your body type. Through a fun and interesting process, we will teach you how to look leaner and stronger with the help of various colors and material samples. We will also help you feel more confident and comfortable while shopping for clothing as well, since we consider it is a crucial part of any women’s or man’s closet. Furthermore, we urge you to bring with you all that clothing that you have had sitting around in your closet forever, but that you have never worn because you could never fit it in with any outfit. Trust me, this has not happened only to you and is not your mistake. It has happened to me as well, and all I felt in the end was frustration because I just wasted money, patience and time for no reason.

The purpose of this workshop is to show you that style is a combination of art and science, creativity and thoughts and most importantly that personal style can be learned!

This is why I invite you to join us and be a part of this little fashion story, and to get to know the new and better version of yourself!




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